Eligibility Rules


  • All school nutrition professionals who are members of SNA, in addition to special supporters of school nutrition, are eligible for nomination. SNA involvement at state or national levels is not a requirement, but SNA membership is a requirement for all awards.
  • In a given year, a school nutrition professional may be nominated and judged for both a Silver Star Award and the Golden Star Award, but may win in only one category, with the Golden Star Award taking precedence.
  • While director nominees are limited to receiving one Silver Star Award during their careers as directors, they are also eligible to receive the Golden Star Award.
  • Career changes may make past FAME Award winners eligible to receive different FAME Awards. Past FAME Award winners are not eligible to receive the same award.
  • All winners must be in good standing with the industry.
  • Employees of the sponsoring companies and/or their agencies are not eligible.
  • Any one nominator may only nominate two (2) unique nominees in a single nomination period.

Selection committee and sponsors reserve the right to disqualify any nominee or winner.