Who can submit a FAME nomination?
Anyone can nominate a person for a FAME Award.

Who can be nominated for a FAME award?
The criterion for a nomination is dependent upon the category for which the nomination is being submitted. Generally speaking, nominees must be a Director, Assistant Director, or Manager within the school nutrition industry. Nominees must have a current membership with the School Nutrition Association (SNA) and be in good standing with the industry. Please see the FAME Nomination Form for official rules.

What makes up a complete nomination?
A complete nomination is made up of two parts. The first part is general contact information for the nominator and the nominee, as well as the selection of an award category of which you are submitting a nomination. The second part is called the Sample Achievement Summary. This is merely a set of questions specific to the selected award category, that must be answered in order to “tell your nominee’s story”.

How do I submit a nomination?
Click the Nominations tab on the fameawards.net website and follow the link that corresponds with the award for which you wish to nominate someone.

When is the submission deadline?
Submissions are due by October 4, 2019 at 5 pm PST.

What does a winning nomination look like?
A winning nomination tells a detailed story about your nominee’s dedication to and success in the school nutrition industry. You should include as much information and detail as possible. Per the official rules, you are allowed up to one page per answer. The best nominations utilize all the allowed space. Single paragraph answers are not recommended.

Make the story as unique as you can and explicitly spell out “what” makes your nominee the “Best of the Best.” Hard facts such as financial data or sales figures are extremely helpful but don’t necessarily tell an entire story. Do NOT make generic statements like “Susan likes to serve healthy meals” or “Susan loves her student customers.” There are thousands of foodservice professionals across the country who like to serve healthy meals and absolutely adore their students so “what” makes your nominee different?

Samples of Winning Nominations
Golden School Foodservice Director of the Year Award
Silver Leadership Award
Silver Spirit Award
Silver Rising Star Award

How are FAME winners selected?

The FAME Selection Committee chooses FAME winners. This committee is made up of the previous year’s FAME winners, the current SNA President, and editors from foodservice publications. Winners are notified in early November.

If my nominee wins a FAME award, what will he/she be expected to do?
Each FAME winner will be asked to provide photos and a short video that help bring their story to life for the award presentation ceremony that is held in January of each year. It is appreciated, but not mandatory, for the winner to actually attend the FAME Awards ceremony. However, the winner is financially responsible for the travel costs associated with attending the event.

If my nominee does NOT win, how will he/she know?
Each non-winning nominee will receive an email by mid-November.

If I need help with my FAME nomination, whom can I contact?
Please contact the FAME information hotline at (925) 472-4139 or via email at DLedin@baf.com.