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The 2018 FAME Awards ceremony will be held during the School Nutrition Association’s (SNA) Industry Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana on Sunday, January 21, 2018. While The FAME Awards are presented at SNA’s Industry Conference, it is not sponsored by SNA. Basic American Foods, The Schwan Food Company and Tyson Foods, Inc. are the sponsoring companies.

How to Nominate a Candidate

To submit your nomination online, click on the award for which you want to nominate a candidate and enter the information in the forms provided. Once you’ve matched your nominee’s accomplishments with the appropriate award, use the questions provided with each award to create an achievement summary. This is what the FAME selection committee will use to determine the winners.

Please be concise in your responses. Limit each response to 4,500 characters (approximately 500 words). Additional materials, such as article clippings, samples, videos, etc., will not be accepted. You will receive a confirmation email after your nomination has been accepted.

Nominations are due by October 3, 2017 at 5 pm CST.



School Nutrition Director of the Year
(More than 12 years of experience as a director)
A director who demonstrates outstanding achievement in leadership, spirit/dedication, innovation, career awards, management/systems, humanitarianism/community involvement, and bettering the lives of students.



Leadership Award
(Less than 12 years of experience as a director)
A director who demonstrates outstanding leadership, dedication, fiscal achievement, and innovation in menuing and merchandising.

Spirit Award
A person in a management position such as an assistant director or coordinator who shows commitment to the people and programs of school nutrition and distinguishes her/himself through innovative programs, marketing, training, customer service, and/or staff motivation.

Rising Star Award
(Five or fewer years of experience as a director)
A director whose contributions make a marked difference in the district’s school nutrition program.

Special Achievement Award
(10,000 or fewer enrollment)
A director who demonstrates exceptional ability to recognize and solve problems unique to small districts.

Friend of Child Nutrition Award
Advocate of school nutrition such as a principal, state association representative, or community leader. Supports school nutrition beyond the scope of normal professional duties. Child nutrition directors and department heads are NOT eligible for this award.