Linda Vento
Account Manager/K12 School Sales
Concept Food Sales
Pittsburgh, PA

Linda has been active in the industry for over 20 years. She promotes it in many ways including the coordination of “think tank” meetings with directors to collaborate on alleviating child nutrition challenges. Linda works closely with the Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture to train directors on commodities available to them. Directors learn how to use the commodities and implement ordering systems. The new Meal Pattern Standards have required education for students, parents and directors. She has been a leader in knowing these standards and educating customers to transition to healthier eating. Understanding that kids are her customers’ clientele, she goes the extra mile to showcase new products and recipes. Linda gets students involved in trying new menu items and creating their own to involve them in the process of developing menu items to meet industry standards. She utilizes creativity, enthusiasm and love for the industry to be active in the improvement of child nutrition. Linda is a member of the School Nutrition Association of Pennsylvania and has served on its board for three years.