Yant Pic

Ken Yant, MBA, FMP
Director of Food Service
Gwinnett County Public Schools
Suwanee, GA

Ken Yant is recognized for his ability to turn ideas into realities. He used his vision to improve the procurement and the bid process by organizing a new procurement model to include vision, strategy, process and people. His goal was to procure the best products and services at the right price, precise quantities, right partners and best value. He allowed the menu to drive the process and purchased items to support each menu cycle. He was able to increase competition for the district’s business while procuring items that allowed menus to stay fresh and increase student participation. Ken is described as a reliable partner by his foodservice distribution partners providing them with accurate estimates and making sure that all inventories are used before discontinuing items off the menu. Ken believes leadership can make or break an organization and puts a high emphasis on this skill of his training managers. Training employees in a consistent manner has allowed the district to retain employees and deliver quality food in all schools in his district.