Silver Rising Star Award

Tamara Headshot for Publication DSC_0446re

Tamara Earl, SNS
Child Nutrition Supervisor
Mason City Schools
Mason, OH

Since becoming the Child Nutrition Supervisor of her District, Tamara has aggressively pursued goals for the program and achieved remarkable results. She added five points of service including a cold item kiosk resulting in a 15% increase in lunch sales at the high school. She embraced the My Plate philosophy as an opportunity to teach students the importance of healthy eating while an investment was made in signage and training materials to support the smarter lunch room concept. Tamara provided a video – Let’s All Go To the Lunchroom – to educate students and parents. This year, she is focused on signage to identify allergens, as well as types of fruits and vegetables in pictures. These communicate to students who do not speak English as their first language and has increased fruit and vegetable consumption by 25%. Tamara is active in SNA of Ohio, has served as federal legislation chair and served as president of SNA of Ohio. Tamara has an innovative spirit and continues to rise to new challenges the industry presents.